I work a lot. Now I know that it's no excuse for the delay between posts, I'm pretty bad at sticking to a schedule. So what have I been doing the past month?

Participation to the Mini Jams

The guys and me started participating to the Mini Jam while we are ramping up for Ludum Dare at the end of next week. We made an actual game this time, with gameplay and everything along with it. You can die, beat a boss and get upgrades. You can try it out here:

Worry Games

Our team will officially be called Worry Games for all future game releases. Logo was made by one of our talented team member and I like it quite a bit.

Progressive Web App

As you probably noticed, you can now add this blog to your homescreen. I'm always trying to find ways to optimize this blog and make it faster and more efficient so the next step was to add PWA functionalities to this Ghost blog. I've also been optimizing some aspects of the Casper theme so it would rank higher on lighthouse. Those changes will probably all be documented in another blog post along with a public release of a fork of the theme on Github including all the changes. I also added a little bell icon in order to add push notifications for people that want to be pinged whenever theres a new post in the future. You can find it right next to the twitter icon in the menu.

What is next?

I'll probably keep pushing for 100s in every lighthouse categories, along with improving the PWA experience of the blog with full offline browsing support in the future. I'm still writing the second game jam's post-mortem and the third one now. I'll also be posting a few posts about server optimization and configuration, Ghost optimizations and whatnot. Maybe something else game related as well? Who knows, I know that I have to start working harder in the future to keep this project going.

Later gamers.