While I was writing the second post-mortem, I was looking at the Google presentation for Stadia. Streaming games has been something that has tried multiple times already with always the same issue: latency. Which is why the Stadia controller was the thing that impressed me the most during Google's presentation.

The looks of the controller are pretty whatever, I'm personally a bigger fan of the Xbox style design when it comes to the stick position (though I appreciate that they put more distance between the two sticks compared to how close they are on a Dualshock controller), but the fact that the controller is wireless and bypassing your computer to just communicate directly with Stadia is what is truly remarkable.

It might not solve every issues with input lag, but it will eliminate the extra input lag that you'd have from the controller communicating with your device then sending that information to the server, adding extra milliseconds of input lag on top of the one already there from the fact that you are streaming the game feed.

Controller input lag tested in Rocket League

From there, it honestly just comes down to pricing. I hope they go with a subscription style approach to not have to buy a game each time on top of whatever is the price of the service. I don't think I'd use it as a primary gaming solution but if its just to try different titles it is a good option. I also think it makes a lot of sense for someone like my father that just plays games occasionally, wouldn't keep up with any hardware or updates and wouldn't even notice the quality difference or the input lag in the first place.

Comment below to let me know what you guys thought of the announcement and the rise of game streaming. Later gamers.