You are pretty scuffed too.

This is an empty blog, for now. With Ghost's base theme without any customization and a generic stock photo from Usplash.

two people playing Sony PS4 game console
Heres another one
Here I am testing the quote function - me, at this very moment

Will it stay that way?

Maybe, maybe not. I'm currently making games with a couple friends. We do Game Jams and test ideas. We are very new at this and it's why I say that we are making video games the scuffed way.

What is this site about?

Mostly going to be port-mortems and random most likely scuffed way to do a mechanic or feature in a game. I'm usually pretty good at keeping blogs updated and filled with content as you can see with my personal blog. I could have used that one, actually. But I think I'll repurpose it for more general programming/server stuff.

Expect stuff to eventually maybe get posted. Later boys.

green ceramic mug filled with espresso
I don't even drink coffee